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What is the Confirmation Statement?

The confirmation statement is a document that LLC and LLP must submit annually to Companies House. Through the enterprises, the declaration of certification contains the details of the administrative authorities and the actioners, as well as the declaration of certification of an LLP repertoire of the members. For LLCs and LLPs, the declaration of confirmation of the social security of the society.

Confirmation Statement

What Is the Purpose of a This Statement?

It is used to ensure that Companies House has the correct information about a limited liability company. This is not a way to report changes to your business (it is a separate process). Essentially, the confirmation statement is just that - it is a statement that confirms that the information is correct.

What Is the Difference Between the Confirmation Statement and the Annual Statement?

Unlike the annual statement, directors or members of a public company or LLP can choose when to file the CS each year, as long as they do so within 12 months and 14 days after the previous year’s filing date. The annual return had to be submitted in full each year, although the information provided remained unchanged. If there are no changes to report now, it is acceptable for the CS to be sent with a simple note stating that, in fact, “no changes this year.”

Another key difference between the annual report and the confirmation report is that it must contain a list of “people with significant controls” (PSC). The PSCs are mostly non-directors who own at least 25% of the business.

What types of Organizations Need to Complete a CS?

All UK limited liability companies must file a statement at least every 12 months, even if the company or partnership is dormant.

Confirmation Statement

What If I Have No Changes to the Report?

If nothing has changed since the last statement, you don't need to submit anything new, and you can simply "review and confirm" the information in the public file.

How Do I Submit a Confirmation Declaration Form?

Completing your online cs is by far the easiest way to submit your information to Companies House. Filing online also means Companies House will pre-fill much of the form for you, so all you have to do is edit the data instead of starting over. It can be used for:

● Standard Industry Classification Code (SIC)

● Trading position of the shares

● Information for shareholders

● State of the capital

Exemption from the obligation to keep a register of persons exercising significant control

If you want to see the information Companies House already has about your company, you can do so through the Companies House service.

Is there a Charge for Submitting This Statement?

It costs £ 13 to submit a confirmation statement online for 12 months. You only pay £ 13 in commission once a year, so there's no extra cost to submit another one in the same amount of time. Suppose you choose to do a paper presentation, the fee drops to £ 40. It's even more time-consuming without pre-filling anything other than going to the mailbox!

Note: Regardless of who is responsible, the most important thing is that the declaration is filed with Companies House on time every year.


If you're worried about missing the deadline for filing your confirmation statement, it's worth registering online with Companies House and signing up for their email reminder service. It's free to use, and up to four people in your business can also be reminded.

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