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Self-Assessment Tax Calculator for 2023-24

self assessment tax return

Quick Self-Assessment Tax Calculator

What is Self-Assessment Tax Calculator?


Self Assessment Tax Calculator in the UK is an online tool that allows individuals who are self-employed or have other sources of taxable income to calculate their estimated tax liability for the current financial year. This calculator takes into account the individual's income and allowable expenses, and based on the latest tax rates and thresholds, calculates an estimate of the amount of tax owed to HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC). The calculation is for reference only, and it is important to note that actual tax liability may differ from the estimate provided by the calculator.


The following is a simple self-assessment tax calculator according to the tax rates for 2023-34. The user enters their income, and the JavaScript code calculates the tax for each band and displays the breakdown in a table.

The UK Self-Assessment Tax Calculator for 2023-24 is a simple tool designed to help individuals estimate their tax liability based on their income. It's particularly useful for self-employed individuals or those who need to file a self-assessment tax return.

To use the calculator, you simply input your total income for the tax year into the provided field and click the "Calculate Tax" button. The calculator will then break down your income into the relevant tax bands - Personal Allowance, Basic Rate, Higher Rate, and Additional Rate - and calculate the amount of tax you owe at each rate. The results are displayed in a table, showing the tax band, the rate, and the amount of tax for each band.

Please note that this calculator provides a simplified estimation and does not account for all possible tax scenarios, such as dividends, capital gains, or other allowances and deductions. Always consult with a tax professional for accurate tax advice.

A Simple Self-Assessment Tax Calculator
for UK for 2023-24
A Detailed Table to Do the Manual Calculation of the Self-Assessment Tax in the UK for 2023-24
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