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What is Bookkeeping 

Financial record-keeping is done through bookkeeping in most private organizations which makes it an essential business practice for all businesses.


Here is a list of practices, included in our bookkeeping services which a professional bookkeeping company should perform:

  • Putting in Order all your outgoing and incoming receipts.

  • Establishing and maintaining a record of all your company assets.

  • Classifying, categorizing, and recording all the goods or services sold in a financial year.

  • Keeping an updated record of your inventory / available stock.

  • Keeping your books complied with the company act of the UK.

  • Preparing account statement to submit to HMRC at the end of the financial year.

  • Logging of purchases and orders.

  • Filing the company’s VAT returns on time (additional service).

  • Streamlining the company payrolls (additional service).

  • Preparing the statutory accounts and financial statements at the end of the financial year.

We provide our bookkeeping services both regularly and online. ​


A Professional Bookkeeping Service By Pro Tax Accountant

Bookkeeping is complex and improperly handled finances can damage the overall success of your company. There are many aspects to bookkeeping that make it difficult for a non-professional with just time and patience, to do it correctly. So if you're not an experienced bookkeeper, then a professional bookkeeper can help get you started.

Pro Tax Accountant takes your bookkeeping very professionally and provides you with the most professional bookkeeping services in London. The first step in managing your bookkeeping is to determine what type of bookkeeping services you need. Do you need a simple account statement, a comprehensive yearly report, a monthly financial summary, or a more detailed financial record etc. Similarly, we adopt a separate strategy for online bookkeeping services and for regular bookkeeping, maintaining the same standard.


If, for example,  you're trying to track the progress of your company's debt elimination efforts, then, we as a bookkeeper can help you track the progress of the progress by providing weekly statements and reports to both you and your creditors. These types of accounts give your creditors a great insight into what you're doing financially, allowing them to better manage your accounts and cut back on their own costs. So we customize our bookkeeping services according to your company's specific needs both online and inhouse. 


The Importance of Bookkeeping for You 

Bookkeeping practice is not an option but it is a mandatory business practice. If you fail to keep a proper company accounting record, HMRC can fine you up to £3,000 and can also disqualify as company director. Moreover, filing incorrect tax returns as a result of inaccurate company records can cause extra penalties.

Apart from government requirements, without a proper bookkeeping record, you cannot measure your company's progress in financial terms. We offer you these services at affordable prices in London.

Bookkeeping Services in London



How Much Bookkeeping Costs in the UK?

Bookkeeping costs you according to your company's workload. However, keeping an in-house bookkeeper will usually cost you more than outsourcing it. Thus one of the main benefits of accounting outsourcing is the cost. On average, accounting firms charge between $ 300 and $ 2,000 per month, depending on the scale and complexity of the business involved.

We charge a fixed per month amount. Our charges for bookkeeping services will also depend upon the amount of work required for your company's bookkeeping. However, we guarantee you two things:

  • Our charges are at the lower end of the bookkeeping 

  • If you are not satisfied with our services, we will refund you, your paid fee*

* Terms & conditions apply


What to do Next 

If you think that you need a professional Bookkeeping service in London, just fill out our quotation form and let us know your requirements. Filling up this form creates no obligation on your part that you must use our services. It is just a simple way to let us know who you are and what services you expect from us.

Once you submit this form, someone from the concerned department of our office, will review your requirements. We will the prepare a proposal for you and send to you for your consideration. You can approve the proposal straight away or come back to us with any further questions or clarification requirements. 

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