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Most companies need accounting services in order to keep track of and manage their finance. Companies may have a need to outsource these services because they are involved in large-scale operations and there may be a need for them in the future. Accounting services could include such things as a company's cash flow, business accounts, a company's bookkeeping, payroll services, managing taxes and other related records and information. In other words, they help a company stay organized, manage their finances, track their profits and losses, and make sure that their financial statements are correct.

Apart from companies, individuals may also need accounting services for different purposes like paying their taxes, starting new businesses or getting papers ready banking purposes. Pro tax Accountant offers all of these services at very affordable prices. We have a team of professional and experienced accountants, ready to help you with your accounting needs. Pro Tax Accountants offer you a comprehensive set of accounting and tax related services in London.

Self Assessment Tax

Self-assessment tax is a tax system used by HMRC (UK) to calculate tax on your income. Usually, your tax is deducted automatically from your wages, pensions or savings through PAYE. However, if you receive any other income or you are self-employed, you need to send to HMRC your self-assessment tax return once a year. You can send these returns either by online or by paper.

Accounting Services London
Accounting Services

VAT Registration

The VAT in UK is a tax which is applied at the point of sale in almost all parts of the UK. The rate of this tax varies from one part of the UK to another, although it is usually based on a standard rate. The main purpose of VAT is to allow the Government of the UK to collect taxes from consumers. 

VAT Returns

You can file your VAT returns online. However if you’ve signed up for ‘Making Tax Digital for VAT’, you cannot send your returns online. There are two separate procedures of filing your VAT returns online; if you have a Company Voluntary Arrangement or an Individual Voluntary Arrangement.  

VAT Services
Accounting Services London

Accountant's Certification 

An accountant’s certificate of confirmation is usually a letter from a certified accountant / accounting firm confirming that they have handled the person’s business accounts.

Payroll Services

Businesses often hire payroll services for one or more of the following reasons; when, because of the sheer number, payroll tends to become too complicated and time consuming, or; when managers and owners conclude that the time saved on payroll is best spent elsewhere.

Payroll Services London
Bookkeeping Services London

Bookkeeping Services

Bookkeeping is the recording of a company’s financial transactions on a daily basis. This is how businesses and companies are able to track all their financial activities. Bookkeeping is not only important for the companies themselves but also for external users, like investors, financial institutions, or the government. As your bookkeepers in London, we can manage all of your financial data in the most professional way.

Company Formation

A new company registration in London can make a big difference to your business and its future. If you're an experienced entrepreneur who's just starting out, or even if you've been around the block as an entrepreneur for many years, then you know that it takes more than just opening up a door to the world of business.

Accounting Services in London
Annual Accounts Services London

Annual Account Submission

Annual accounts also known as ‘statutory accounts’, submission in UK is the most important part of a company’s financial statement. The annual account submission in UK is mandatory for all private limited companies. You send your annual accounts to Companies House whereas your tax returns to HMRC.

Corporate Tax Return

In the UK, all companies are required to pay their tax, which is known as Corporation Tax, on their income and assets. A company tax return (CTR) must be made on a yearly basis, with an optional quarterly or monthly payment option.

Corporate Tax Services London
Accounting Services London

Annual Confirmation

Every year you need to confirm that the information that Companies House has about your company is correct and up-to-date. This confirmation is called a statement confirmation (Form CS01), previously known as annual return.

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