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What is a Bookkeeper and How Much Do Bookkeepers Charge?

Updated: Jan 28

A bookkeeper is a professional responsible for maintaining the financial records of a business or individual. They play a crucial role in the accounting process by systematically recording the financial transactions and daily financial activities of an organization or individual.

Thus a Bookkeeper is an accounting professional who is responsible to keep a complete list of sales, purchases as well as any other transactions in the financial realm. The type of transactions that are accounted for and the way they are recorded may differ greatly based on the needs and procedures of various organizations or individuals.

What is a Bookkeeper

Responsibilities of a Bookkeeper

Bookkeepers are accountable for giving accurate and up-to-date financial information regarding a company. They're constantly monitoring the health of a company's finances. Most of the time, the reports they provide go to managers and owners of businesses to aid them in making decisions. However, some bookkeepers actually participate in the development of strategies. Bookkeepers can also share jobs with accountants, as they create annual financial statements as well as tax returns.

Their primary duties typically include:

  1. Recording Financial Transactions: Bookkeepers accurately record all financial transactions, including sales, purchases, receipts, and payments, in the company's books or accounting software.

  2. Managing Ledgers: They are responsible for maintaining the general ledger, which is a complete record of all financial transactions over the life of the organization.

  3. Reconciliation: Bookkeepers reconcile bank statements to internal accounts and help in checking for accuracy in reports, figures, and postings.

  4. Handling Payroll: In some organizations, bookkeepers may process payroll, manage payroll taxes, and ensure compliance with relevant legal requirements.

  5. Preparing Invoices: They generate invoices and keep track of accounts receivable, ensuring timely payments from clients or customers.

  6. Managing Accounts Payable: Bookkeepers often manage accounts payable, keeping track of what the company owes to suppliers, vendors, and other entities.

  7. Financial Reporting: They may assist in the preparation of financial statements and reports, such as the balance sheet and income statement, for internal use or for external stakeholders like investors or financial institutions.

  8. Budgeting and Forecasting: Some bookkeepers also assist in budget preparation and financial forecasting.

  9. Compliance: They ensure that financial records are maintained in compliance with lawful and accepted procedures and policies.

  10. Assisting with Tax Preparation: While bookkeepers are not typically tax professionals, they prepare and organize financial records which are crucial for tax preparation.

Bookkeepers differ from accountants in that their role is more transactional and administrative, dealing with the day-to-day tasks of recording financial transactions. Accountants, on the other hand, often use the information prepared by a bookkeeper to produce financial models, offer strategic advice, prepare tax returns, and perform audits.

In summary, bookkeepers are fundamental to the financial health of a business, ensuring that every penny flowing in and out of the business is accurately accounted for and recorded.

The cost of Part-Time Bookkeeping for Small and Medium Sized Businesses

The bookkeeping rates for part-time workers charged by bookkeepers differ according to the location and the scope of work. The majority of bookkeepers who are part-time charge approximately £25 per hour to perform the general bookkeeping functions and their work is usually supervised by the company hierarchy. It is a good idea to supplement your accounting activities with a part-time bookkeeping worker if you have a basic working knowledge of accounting as it helps in alleviating some of the mundane tasks of data entry into accounting ledgers, recording business transactions, processing vendors' invoices, and collecting payments from customers. The managers will also need to oversee the bookkeeper part-time to ensure the quality and consistency of accounting tasks.

In the majority of cases, companies would prefer to educate and assign bookkeeping duties to an employee already working within the organization in order to reduce costs. Although this might appear as a viable alternative to employing an in-house bookkeeper on a part-time basis, it could backfire in the event that the bookkeeping done by the employee does not meet the standards that are required under accounting regulations. This could have negative financial consequences for the entire business over the long term.

The Cost of Hiring a full-time Bookkeeper for a Small or Medium Sized Company

On average, based on the experience and location an average full-time bookkeeper is expected to get between £25,00 and £45,00 per month from an organization. Recent data released by the job search website,, revealed that full-time bookkeepers earn an attractive salary that can reach £70,000 per year.

If making sure that your business is in good condition and is regularly up-to-date is essential to the financial viability of your company, then hiring a full-time bookkeeping expert could turn out to be a smart decision. The bookkeeper who is full-time will handle day-to-day accounting, making payments, sending invoices out, managing accounts payable, processing payroll, and creating the monthly statements of financials. But, just as with a bookkeeper who is part-time, the manager of the company must supervise the full-time bookkeeper in order to make sure that the quality of the accounting services delivered meets the highest standards.

The Cost of Outsource Bookkeeping Services for a Small to Medium-Sized Business

If you've determined that outsourcing your company's bookkeeping tasks makes the most economic sense for your business, you should examine the costs of hiring an outside bookkeeper. The cost you will need to pay for a full-time bookkeeping outsourcing service is contingent on the number of business transactions the firm conducts and the variety of accounting services is, however prices could vary from £500 or even an amount that is as high as £2,500 per month. The outsourcing of your bookkeeping functions allows you to customize your accounting service to fit the financial requirements of your business.

With an outsourced bookkeeping service, the company will be able to use an advanced management accounting system. This will raise the cost of your bookkeeping each month however the added cost will be completely justifiable when your company moves into the next phase of growth for business. As you grow the business should adopt an accrual-based system of accounting that is fully fledged since it will allow your business to grow through its production of sophisticated financial reports and management.

The outsourcing of your bookkeeping task could be a viable option for your business in the event that you determine that internal bookkeeping or full-time/part-time is not the best choice for your company. Many businesses are aware of reservations about outsourcing bookkeeping operations because they aren't sure how to outsource bookkeeping work. However, in the present day, particularly with modern and advanced technology, accessible outsourcing bookkeeping services can provide an advanced and cost-effective option for businesses.

Average Per Hour Bookkeepers' Charges in the UK

Average One-off Bookkeepers' Charges in the UK

How Much Do Bookkeepers Charge

Benefits of Outsourcing Bookkeeping Services

There are many advantages to outsourcing bookkeeping services as it is a feature that isn't available with an internal bookkeeper employed by the company. With a variety of outsourced clerical, administrative, and auxiliary bookkeeping support options available on the market, companies can avail of every service on an hourly, per-month basis, and then tailor an accounting service plan that is in line with the financial needs of the company. Implementing a full-service management accounting system, by employing an outside bookkeeper is an advantage for the business because the operation of this accounting system could aid in the growth of your business during the development phase.

The outsourcing of your bookkeeping task implies that the person who was initially in charge of overseeing your company's accounting for a short period of time, will be relieved of the bookkeeping duties and be transferred into a more important business development job, creating more revenue for the business. This will encourage career advancement for your most successful employees and provide them with the incentive to contribute more effectively to the company's business culture and overall performance.

Why Pro Tax Accountant (PTA) is the Number One Yet Affordable Bookkeeper Online in the UK

Pro Tax Accountant (PTA) has established itself as the leading yet affordable bookkeeping service online in the UK. Their reputation as the number one choice is built on several key factors:

1. Expertise and Experience: 

PTA boasts a team of highly skilled and experienced bookkeepers. They possess deep knowledge of UK tax laws and accounting practices, ensuring accurate and compliant bookkeeping.

2. Comprehensive Services: 

Offering a wide range of services, PTA caters to diverse needs, from basic bookkeeping to complex financial management and tax planning.

3. Technological Advancement: 

Embracing the latest technology, PTA utilizes sophisticated bookkeeping software and tools. This not only enhances accuracy but also streamlines processes, making them more efficient.

4. Customized Solutions: 

Understanding that each business has unique needs, PTA offers tailored bookkeeping solutions. This personalized approach ensures that clients receive services that precisely meet their specific requirements.

5. Affordability: 

Despite their top-tier service quality, PTA’s pricing structure is competitively affordable. This makes professional bookkeeping accessible to even small and medium-sized businesses.

6. Excellent Customer Service: 

PTA prides itself on exceptional customer service. Their client-centered approach, responsiveness, and commitment to client satisfaction have garnered positive reviews and client loyalty.

7. Proactive Approach: 

PTA's proactive strategy in managing financial records helps businesses anticipate financial challenges and opportunities, aiding in strategic decision-making.

8. Transparency and Integrity: 

PTA operates with high levels of transparency and integrity, ensuring that clients are always informed and involved in their financial matters.

9. Time-Saving: 

By handling all aspects of bookkeeping, PTA saves businesses considerable time, allowing owners and managers to focus on core business operations.

10. Compliance and Risk Management: 

PTA stays up-to-date with regulatory changes, ensuring that clients’ financial practices comply with current laws, thus reducing the risk of penalties.

11. Scalability: 

As businesses grow, PTA’s services can be scaled up to meet increasing complexity in financial management, making them a long-term partner for businesses.

12. Training and Support: 

PTA provides training and support to clients, helping them understand their financial standings better and empowering them to make informed financial decisions.

13. Quality Assurance: 

Regular audits and checks are part of PTA’s routine, ensuring the highest quality and accuracy in their bookkeeping services.

14. Efficient Communication: 

PTA maintains clear and efficient communication channels with clients, ensuring that any queries or concerns are promptly addressed.

15. Network and Resources: 

PTA’s extensive network and resources provide additional value to their clients, offering access to a range of financial experts and services.

In conclusion, Pro Tax Accountant’s blend of expertise, comprehensive services, technology utilization, and customer-centric approach, all at an affordable price, makes them a top choice for businesses seeking reliable online bookkeeping services in the UK. Their commitment to delivering exceptional value while maintaining affordability cements their position as the leading choice in the market."

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