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What Is A 64-8 Form?

Form 64-8 is a legal document that designates another person to negotiate with HMRC on your behalf. This person then becomes your “agent” and can manage tax returns and tax returns for you for your self-esteem. Form 64-8 authorizes HMRC to discuss your tax issues with someone acting on your behalf.

Why Do I Need A 64-8 Form?

Doing business can be time-consuming even without HMRC and other legal requirements. This makes it easier for many people to negotiate with HMRC on behalf of external accountants. Data protection laws and GDPR mean that HMRC cannot talk to others about your company without your consent.

Am I Still in Incharge of Everything?

Even if you allow your accountant to speak with HMRC on your behalf, your account and finances will remain your responsibility.

Who Can Use Form 64-8?

If you are an individual, trust company, or partnership, you can use Form 64-8 to authorize HMRC to work with agents acting on your behalf. It can handle recurring payments (PAYE), construction management planning (CIS), and corporate taxes on your behalf. Form 64-8 contains checkboxes for each category to indicate which tax matters your agent or accountant can handle.

What About In a Partnership?

All affiliates who are affiliates must be authorized 64-8 by their agent or accountant. The lead partner must also submit his 64-8.

What If More Than One Agent Is Acting On My Behalf?

Also, if you have multiple agents, you will need to complete a separate 64-8 form for each agent that represents you. The performance that each agent affects should be clearly stated on the form.


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