What is form CA307?

This form is used by taxpayers who wish to claim the claim back National Insurance Contributions (NICs) paid in the UK while working abroad; also known as "social Security abroad". This form has been revised from the original 2014 and can be claimed online or by paper.

form CA307

Who can Use Form CA307?

This applies to some people working overseas who have to pay social security contributions in the UK.

Who Does Not Have the Right to Make Such a Claim?

There are a number of circumstances where you may not be able to reclaim NICs you have paid in the UK, even if you currently reside in the Isle of Man, Northern Ireland, a member country of the UK Economic Agreement. The United Kingdom or your country have a social security 2-way agreement with the United Kingdom. Some occupations are also exempt from the requirements, such as civil aviators, seafarers, the military and their families serving overseas. Different rules apply to their finances.

How to Claim a Refund?

To claim a refund of UK National Insurance contributions paid while working overseas, individuals can either: use the online forms service (log in or create a Government Gateway account) or complete the on-screen form, print it and submit it to the HM Revenue and Customs.

What are the Classes of NICs?

There are 6 different types of NICs defined by the type of job and what you earn. Taxpayers and some employers pay for it. Which of the following statements applies to your situation?

Class 1: Automatic payments directly from your salary from your employer. You pay it if you are under retirement age and earn £ 155 or more a week.

Class 1A or 1B: benefits paid by the employer in the form of benefits or expenses

Class 2: Paid by self-employed who earn at least £ 5,965 per year. Or you pay it as a voluntary contribution.

Class 3: Voluntary contributions you pay to avoid delays in your NI history.

Class 3A: if you retire before 6 April 2023, you can pay this amount in a single solution to supplement your national pension.

Class 4: If you are self-employed and earn more than £ 8,060 per year.

form CA307

What Should I Have?

Your social security number, your international address, details of your working status in the UK before leaving the UK, including your employer's name and address as of the last date you paid your contributions details of your employment abroad, including the date you left the UK, country of residence, name and address of your employer, start date and end date of employment.

What Do We Do?

If this is complicated and stressful enough. We can arrange a claim for you. We will help you gather all the necessary information, complete the paperwork and manage all necessary communications with HMRC on your behalf. Don't let the system stop you from making a legitimate refund request.

Good to Know

You have 6 fiscal years from the applicable fiscal year to file a claim using the CA307 form.

Any taxpayer can recover excess NICs. The delays vary depending on the class of network cards.

Need Help?

You don't have to make an effort to get your money back. We have experts ready to help you with your form CA307 and tax deduction needs. Contact us today by filling out the contact form or call us on 07341371345.

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