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What is an R44 Form?

R44 is the form you need to fill out if you want to claim your right to a Seafarers’ Earnings Deduction (SED). R44 notifies the UK tax office of your intention to operate at sea and ensures that you do not pay too much income tax by issuing an NT tax number.

What is an R44 Form

When Do I Have to Fill in R44 Form?

If you are considering applying for seafarer payroll deductions, you must meet all of the following criteria:

● You live in the UK;

● If you are employed (PAYE);

● If you work onboard a ship that is classified as a "ship" within the meaning of the SED; And

● If you have an employment contract of at least 12 months, you must have worked continuously for at least 6 months with the same employer outside the UK.

Instructions on How To Complete Form R44

● All sections must be completed, including the REC registration number.

● The name and address on the R44 form must match the registered name and address.

● Form R44 with incomplete fields is considered invalid and you will be asked to resubmit

● Any comments on Form R44 will be considered invalid. Use the information below for:

● Clarify the rationale behind each minimum standard.

● All checkboxes must be checked. Do not add additional information to a minimum standard

● Because form R44 is considered invalid.

Help for R44 Form

How Can a Pro Tax Accountant Help?

The application process includes your Social Security Number, a unique taxpayer self-assessment reference (if you have one), and employer information, including your name, PAYE reference, address, the date you started working, and your projected annual income you need.

You will also need details of any planned visits to the UK during your time on the ship, including:

● Start and end date of your visit

● Vessel name

● Ship type:

● Official ship registration number

● The date you believe your seafarer's income deduction (SED) should begin.

● You must also complete a tax return for each year following your application.

If this is a tall order, we can help you complete your R44, any other tax forms and tax returns by making sure you get the death deduction you are entitled to.

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