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What is an AD01 Form?

Form AD01 is a new form used by UK business owners who want to change their registered office information. It was first introduced on October 1, 2009. With the Companies Act 2006, form AD01 replaced form 287 which was used for the same purpose. Any change in the UK company registered office made after September 2009 must be submitted on form AD01.

AD01 Form

According to the Companies House Forms Guidelines, Form AD01 better describes what it is supposed to do. The "AD" in the name is also a code and an abbreviation for "address." In short, it is a greeting. In this case due to a change of registered office. The "01" in the name means that the address of the control centre must be changed. It is the most used document in Companies House.

When completing the form, an entrepreneur must provide information, including the business number, the full company name, the new location, and the signature of a person authorized by the company to change the information.

Update your Registered Address with Companies House

The law requires that all public limited companies have a registered office that must be registered in the Mercantile Registry and kept up to date. The head office address is used for formal communication, but not necessarily the place where business is conducted.

Can I Use Any Address As My Registered Office?

If you are providing a registered office for a limited liability company, it must be a real address with a zip code. Unfortunately, this means that you cannot use a mailbox. Boxing address and Companies House do not accept them. If you are one of the many companies that have an accountant as their general secretary, you can use your home office as the address for your accountant. Companies House uses your registered office address to send important communications. Therefore, it is important that you have access to this address to be able to retrieve all documents without risk of obsolescence. You should also make sure that the registered address is on all the business documents that you use.

Company records showing shareholders and directors are normally kept at the company's registered office (although they may be disclosed to Companies House if archived elsewhere). If the address changes, you must notify Companies House that the documents have been moved to a new location, along with the contact details of the new registrar.

How to Submit an AD01 Form?

It is important that a business owner provide all the information requested by Companies House on their AD01 form. The information requested would be the full company number, the full company name, the new location that replaces the old one, and the signature of the CEO authorizing the changes.

Another important point is that entrepreneurs do not have to pay anything to submit the AD01 form. Access to the form is available online, which can be accessed here.

Business owners who wish to change their business address should also note that Companies House will only consent to changes if a complete mailing address is provided on the form. The new address must also be directly in the UK. The address must not be a PO box address either.

Once completed, the form should be sent by certified mail to Companies House, Crown Way, Cardiff, CF14 3UZ. However, if a business owner wants to present it online, they can. All you need to do is register with Companies House WebFiling.

Changing the registered office of a business is easy as long as the business owner provides the correct information. The online option makes things much faster and better for those who are too busy to send certified mail.

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