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What is a P85 Form?

P85 is a form that you must submit to HMRC if you are a UK taxpayer and intend to move abroad. In the P85 form you will have to answer the questions about your tax status and residence so that your tax information can be updated.

P85 Form

When Do I Have to Fill in a P85?

You only need to complete the P85 form if:

● You leave the UK and cannot return or do not know when you will return to the UK.

● You are not a UK tax resident and are not required to file a tax return.

● You are leaving the UK to work abroad for at least one full financial year.

Am I Eligible For a P85 Tax Refund?

If you leave the UK, you will generally get a tax refund for the tax year in which you left the UK. In order to receive your tax refund, you must complete a P85 before a refund can be issued. If you normally file a tax return, you do not need to file a P85.

Pay your UK Taxes as a Non-Resident

You may have to pay tax in the UK even if you don't live. For example, if you have income from renting a property in the UK, you will still have to pay tax in the UK. You may wish to continue paying the National Insurance (NI) abroad when you return to the UK and claim certain government benefits, such as a pension. a state pension. Remember to contact HMRC with your NI number if your circumstances change while you are abroad e.g. if you move or change your marital status.

How Do I Get a P85 Tax Refund?

If you owe a tax refund because you leave the UK, it will be refunded to you after you have completed your P85 tax return or self-employment. We can help you complete your P85 by reviewing your personal circumstances and making sure the right forms are completed at the right time.

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