What is a P800?

The P800 is a calculation that shows your total income and the amount of taxes you been paid in a tax year. The form also lists the personal allowances you received during the year. Usually, you only receive the P800 calculation (from HMRC) if the tax amount paid is incorrect.

Note: Not everyone will get a P800 tax calculation, but if you’ve made a tax rebate claim, HMRC will issue them to taxpayers who’ve paid either too much or too little tax.

What is a P800?

The P800 Shows You:

● Your total income.

● Your total amount of tax paid.

● Your tax-free personal allowance.

● Tax-deductible expenses incurred in that tax year.

It is important to understand how the tax calculation works to ensure that the information in the form is correct for your particular situation.

How Do You Prepare a P800?

HMRC will normally send you a P800 tax calculation for each fiscal year in which you have an overpayment or underpayment of tax. There are several forms of tax that you can use to verify your tax status. The most common within the PAYE system are P60 and P45.

Check Your P800

P800 forms aren't always accurate, so it's always best to check the form to make sure you don't overpay or underpay your taxes. The tax office will ask you to check your P800 to make sure all information is correct. If something went wrong, you can correct it on the spot.

What If I Pay Too Much?

If your P800 calculation shows that you have overpaid your tax, you will receive a cheque from HMRC to refund the overpaid amount. Check all the numbers to make sure they are correct and that you have actually overpaid. If you collect too many taxes for more than a year, they will be paid to you in one payment instead of being paid separately for each year.

If you do not receive a calculation but feel that you have paid too much tax, you can ask HMRC to check your data for that year. If in doubt about the calculation, consult a professional who can explain the form to you.

Do You Have Questions About Your P800?

If you have received a P800, have a question and you don’t have an accountant you should call HMRC, on 0300 200 3300.

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