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What is Paternity Form SC3 for Paternity Pay and Leave in the UK?

Updated: Feb 25

In the UK, eligible employees are entitled to take time off work to care for their newborn or adopted child, and may also be entitled to receive Statutory Paternity Pay (SPP) during this time. The HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) provide the necessary forms for claiming SPP and registering the leave, and it's important for new fathers to understand the process involved.

Paternity Form for Paternity Pay and Leave in the UK

Who is Eligible for Paternity Pay and Leave?

To be eligible for SPP and Paternity Leave, the employee must:

  1. Be the biological father of the child or the partner (including same-sex) of the mother or adopter

  2. Have been continuously employed by the same employer for at least 26 weeks by the end of the 15th week before the week the baby is due (or the week the child was placed for adoption)

  3. Have given the correct notice of their leave and pay, including the expected due date or adoption date, and their intention to take leave

How Much is Statutory Paternity Pay?

SPP is paid at a rate of £151.20 per week or 90% of the employee's average weekly earnings, whichever is lower. It is paid for a maximum of two weeks and is subject to tax and National Insurance contributions.

How to Take Paternity Leave

Employees must give their employer at least 15 weeks' notice before the due date or placement for adoption of their intention to take Paternity Leave. They must also provide their employer with a copy of the birth or adoption certificate.

Paternity Leave must be taken in one block within 56 days of the birth or placement for adoption, and the employee must take the leave in full, as it cannot be taken in stages or be split.

If the employee's partner returns to work before the end of their maternity or adoption leave, the employee may still be entitled to take Paternity Leave but may need to agree to different dates with their employer.

How to Claim SPP

Employees can claim SPP by completing the relevant sections of the HMRC form SC3 and providing it to their employer. The employer then has 28 days to make the SPP payment, or inform the employee of any entitlement to enhanced contractual pay instead.

Or use the paternity planner to find out when you need to claim Paternity Leave by.

HMRC Paternity Form

The HMRC form SC3 is the form used to claim SPP and provide notification of Paternity Leave. The form must be completed by the employee and provided to their employer, who will then complete the appropriate sections and return it to HMRC.

The form includes information on the employee's eligibility for SPP and Paternity Leave, the expected due date or adoption date, and the employee's intentions regarding leave and pay.

It is important to complete the form accurately and provide it to the employer in good time, as any errors or delays in notification may result in the employee missing out on their entitlement to SPP and Paternity Leave.

How It's Paid

Your corporation can pay Statutory Paternity Pay to you in an equal manner and at the equal time as your everyday wages.

Statutory Paternity Pay is treated as ordinary pay and so they may also take off tax and National Insurance as usual.

Some Important Points to Be Noted

  • You can pick out when to start getting your Statutory Paternity Pay. Leave can begin on any day of the week:

  • On or following the kid's birth, but ought to be finished within eight weeks of the actual date of beginning (or 8 weeks after the expected date of birth if the infant is born early)

  • From the date of the kid's placement, however, should be finished within 8 weeks of the date of placement

  • You can take both one week or two consecutive weeks, however not abnormal days.

  • If you've got multiple activities, you may be able to get statutory paternity pay from each organization.

  • Your business enterprise can't pay you Statutory Paternity Pay for any week you are at work.

What If You Disagree With Your Organization's Decision?

If you feel that your company's decision is wrong; contact the HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) personnel enquiry line at 0300 200 3500. You also can tell HMRC if you're no longer getting the right amount of Statutory Paternity Pay.

Paternity Pay and Leave in the UK provides eligible employees with the opportunity to take time off work to care for their newborn or adopted child, and may also receive SPP during this time. The HMRC form SC3 is the key to claiming SPP and registering for Paternity Leave, and it's important for new fathers to understand the eligibility criteria and process involved.

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