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What Is A SA103 Form?

Form SA103 is the document that must be completed to apply for the self-employed income tax. If you are filing your self-assessment tax return using the SA100 postal form, you must also complete SA103 to declare self-employment income to HMRC. There is no need to complete a separate SA103 form when submitting the online self-assessment.

SA103 Form

There are Two Types of SA103 Forms

The short version called SA103S, which can be used by most volunteers

The "full version", known as SA103F, used by sole traders with more complex scenarios

How to Fill It?

You can get the "shorter" form SA103S from this HMRC page

● Select the year you want the form in

● Download the SA103S information sheet

● Print it out, fill it out and send it to HMRC

If you file your own tax return every year, HMRC can also send it to you.

However, be sure to read the self-employment PDF (comments) for this fiscal year first - it's on the same page as the HMRC.

Explain what each element of the form means and how to complete it.

How Do I Know if I am Self-Employed?

It's not always as easy as it sounds:

● Do you work with a full-time contract? So you are not self-employed

● Do you use a limited liability company to do business? So you are hired by your own company (or umbrella company), but you are not self-employed.

And in case you're wondering, "individual property" is the same as "self-employed".

Where Can I Find SA103?

You can download SA103 from the HMRC website. As with the SA100 main form, if you are not completing your case statement online, you will need to print it out and send it in. If you want the full version, please download the SA103F form here.

What Should I Include in My SA103 form?

This form must contain all the details of your self-employment, including income, recoverable expenses, and any losses. If you have more than one company, you will need a separate SA103 form for each company. If you've changed your billing date or recently started or quit a freelance job, you may need more than one page.

What Happens After Submitting the SA103 form?

After completing and submitting the form, you will receive a bank statement from HMRC. This states how much tax you have to pay, how much you have paid, and how much you still have to pay. You will also see this if you have paid too much tax.

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